Quotes That I Live By

Quotes That I Live By ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1) “There are no secrets, but the truth is buried under a Sea of Lies. You just need to know where to look” ______________________________________________________ 2) “It's not about who you are during the first impression, it's about who you were when you are no longer around.” ______________________________________________________ 3) “Just realize that the average person is dumb, and that half of them are even dumber” ______________________________________________________ 4) “Doing something that you're passionate about doesn't feel like a job, but part of who you are” ______________________________________________________ 5) “Curiosity should be handled  with prudence, but Ignorance is more dangerous than Curiosity”. ______________________________________________________ 6) “A happy life is one filled wit

Lost In The Dark: (PART 5) The Crowded Mountain Trail

Lost In The Dark

Part 5 : The Crowded Mountain Trail

   Lost in the nescient mist, you stumble around while the blissful environment starts to make you uncomfortable. The haze of the mist seems to be getting thicker than before. The heat and air started to drop in temperature. A new path is in front of you but you decided to take a different route, skipping the current path in hope for the best route. You have not a clue of what the best route is, you don't want to leave the security of the present moment. The route might not have worked in your favor and would probably lead you to failure. You feel like this excuse is solid. Deep inside you, you are afraid of failing over and over again. By staying in the mist, you are able to avoid the consequences for being wrong. You feel like you have been walking uphill. Though you cannot see a few inches from your own face. You walked into a tree. You bumped your head on the trunk of the tree. Your head hurts, you can't see where you are going. Stress begins to come over your thoughts. You ignore the anxiety, continuing to walk up the slope feeling your way around the obstacles in your path.
  Climbing up the slope, you have doubts about the position you are currently in. In your thoughts you say to yourself, “am I walking around a mountain? Is there any sign of the fog dissipating? This has to be the best path towards self respect. There is no…” Your thoughts were cut off by the ground giving way. You fall down and started to roll down the mountain.knocked out, beaten up and bruised. You stand up and continued to walk back up the mountain without caring about being setback. Traversing the new environment, you encounter other people who are as disoriented as you are. They behave like you do and like you, they have false confidence, denial of their lives, and abilities. They too can see you, but just like yourself, they also can't see through the fog. This makes you and them feel better than being alone with the path. The trail begins to widen as more and more people arrive on the same path to the top of the mountain. The route is getting crowded and you along with others seem to be unable to climb up the mountain slope as fast and as easily as you and they had hoped. A person bumped into you, knocking you down as well as a group of other people. You along with the other group members, were rolling down the slope back to the beginning of the mountain. You along with the other people start to walk up to the top of the mountain. Though some stayed at the bottom of the mountain, while some people took the route with far less people and a tougher terrain filled with more obstacles than the initial path. You feel like you know where you are going. You take your false hope and continued to walk up the mountain. The path that is crowded with other people seemed to be the best route to the top of the mountain, but the path is slowing your steps down, while sometimes you are setback a few feet every time you are hit by the obstacles in your way.  You keep running into the same path of crowded trails and lose gravel beneath your feet. You feel like it is going to be a long journey to reach the peak of the mountain. Though you are not aware that you have been walking around the peak but maintaining your same position at the base of the mountain without climbing up the mountain slope to rware the top. Fear, anger and miserable thoughts filled the fog. The aureole of the other people were soaking into your ears, eyes, and thoughts. The fog began to feel very heavy with pessimistic emotions and convincing your thoughts that you are where you can only reach. You feel like giving up on the journey up the mountain. You feel like it is going to take you nowhere if you continue to climb the mountain slope.
    The fog began to dissipate and the mountain slope turned into a terrain of thick snow and ice. The people who were once by your side have disappeared and you are alone once again. Struggling to find your owners way up to the peak of the mountain. You are hit by a blizzard which you have to push against while continuing to move forward around the base of the mountain slope. You seem to be moving backwards and unable to continue moving forward, you are stuck wandering around the base of the mountain. The cold environment is freezing your feet, hands and face. The blizzard stopped to let you climb up the mountain slope to get a little bit higher than before. As you are smiling and in the belief that everything is going well for you,an earthquake shook the mountain and an avalanche of the snow crushed you. You are buried under the snow. Your confidence slipped away from your own mind. You feel heavier and more depressed than ever before. You thought you were going to be able to make it up to the top of the mountain, but again sent to the bottom again. This time you are buried under the weight of the reality. You closed your eyes as you begin to feel miserable. You fall asleep and wake up to see that you are standing in the middle of a road.

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