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Quotes That I Live By

Quotes That I Live By ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1) “There are no secrets, but the truth is buried under a Sea of Lies. You just need to know where to look” ______________________________________________________ 2) “It's not about who you are during the first impression, it's about who you were when you are no longer around.” ______________________________________________________ 3) “Just realize that the average person is dumb, and that half of them are even dumber” ______________________________________________________ 4) “Doing something that you're passionate about doesn't feel like a job, but part of who you are” ______________________________________________________ 5) “Curiosity should be handled  with prudence, but Ignorance is more dangerous than Curiosity”. ______________________________________________________ 6) “A happy life is one filled wit

(Part 6) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom Part 6: Hunter's Fate     --          Sam moved his family to another village far away from king Henry's jurisdiction. The village is in the furthest Southern country, thousands of miles away from the Ice kingdom, on the coast of the country called Francoso. Francoso is a country with forests covering every part of the land, even the sandy beaches are a few meters from the forest treeline.  Sam Belthor buys a house next to the ocean, "Honey I will be out hunting for game. I will bring back money from my market after I prep the meat and give you the coats when I return home at dusk." Sam steps outside, he walks to the treeline as his children head off on a carriage for the schoolhouse in the village, inside of the castle walls. Sam wanders around the wilderness, successfully capturing over twenty five different animals from the traps he set up late at night. He places the animals onto the horse carriage, straps them securely to the

(Part 5) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom Part 5: Maniacal Incompetent King     A  Man on a black horse rides into a town, passes over a castle drawbridge, and enters the courtyard before vanishing into thin air as a black mist. The cloud cover becomes dark, lightning sparks through the sky, and the wind blows with a tremendous force. The citizens rush into their homes, as the windstorm tears down tree branches. Dust, debris, and clothing that was hanging out on lines, blows through the town. The royal guard approached the king and queen, "king Philip, the weather somehow has abruptly become dangerous. Fires are breaking out by the lightning. The wind is spreading the flames across the villages. Let alone, no rain is dropping, just lightning and wind!" The king responds, "It is the work of the gods. We have to let the villages in the outskirts burn, but send in soldiers to protect the castle, the nobles in the  town inside of the walls of the castle, and the outer villages.

(Part 4) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

  The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom Part 4: The Kingdom In The East          Six guards confront Sam, the Captain announced with an assertive tone, "Sam, you are guilty of assassinating King Robert and are suspected of the murder of King Henry! Come with us and face trial for your crimes." Sam responded loudly, "I did not murder anyone! You have the wrong person! I was just hunting and selling my meat products to the local markets! I also won't be going with you to face a one sided trial to be convicted of doing nothing." The Captain replied, "Kill him!" An arrow flies from the treeline, pierced through the skull of the Captain. Belthor pulls out his sword, swings it, deflecting the blow from a guard's sword. The blades cling and clang, as sparks fly from the iron and steel blades connecting. The bartender from before runs towards Sam, he draws his sword and helps fight back against the guards. A guard slips behind the bartender, Sam swin

(Part 3) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

      The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom Part 3: The Third Assassination             Queen Marianne wakes up, she looks to her left as Wallace steps out of the bed, "Wallace where are you going?" He replied, "To cook you some food, and see if there is any news on your daughter's whereabouts." He walked out of the room, headed downstairs and entered the military corridor. Wallace approached a taller man, "General Darren, have you gathered any news about Amillia? The queen has been having difficulties with the loss of her husband and the disappearance of her daughter. She won't eat much, screams at night, and won't concentrate on her tasks." The General replied, "Sir Wallace, we have not heard anything yet. I understand her worries. I have soldiers delivering messages to even kingdoms far out of the continent into the kingdoms around and in the Southern Sea. I know it has been a few weeks now, but have her majesty be patient. It will ta

(Part 2) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom Part 2: The Black Horse           The father left his family behind as he wandered around the forest, he approached another small village a few miles from the one he left. The sign read, "Quark Village." The man opens a door, walks to a counter, then sits down at the bar, the bartender says with an accent, "Hi Sam. It's been awhile since you last came here. You want the usual?" Sam replied, "Yes, I have had a lot of fun lately and need to relieve some of the stress on my shoulders." Sam has a few drinks, a young lady approached Sam, "Hi handsome. My name is Beth. I see that you are not from around here. So what brings a strong handsome man like you to our bar?" Sam smiles, "You are very beautiful. But, unfortunately I have sold my soul to another woman. Though, even if I was not married or attached to my wonderful woman, I would definitely fall for a beauty as of yourself." She walked

(Part 1) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

 The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom Part 1: Treacherous Shadow In a kingdom high up on a mountain in the Ice nation, a king dead on the ground as blood drips from a knife, pooling in small puddles as the king's vision blurs, and his ears are no longer able to make out the sounds of his surroundings. The perpetrator runs to an open window, pulls themselves up, then swings their body out of the building. He landed on his feet, and disappeared on a black stallion. Guards rushed into the king's bedroom, a guard who first noticed the scene yelled, "Somebody murdered the king!" The rest of the guards began to search the room for clues. With no luck, they reported to the dining room. The queen closed a drawer in the kitchen, sat down with a sandwich and a glass of red wine. A guard approached her, "Madam, your highness the king was found dead in the bedroom. We don't know who did it, nor why." The queen dropped her glass of wine, and started

Ace The Cybernetic Ninja Dog (Chapter 1)

Ace The Cybernetic Ninja Dog Chapter 1:  Beach Paradise Invaders    A wind is blowing a nice cool breeze, the sun shine warms the beach planet. The day is calm and the sound of the vacationers filled the air with joy and elation. The dog Ace is making acquaintance with a few female dogs. He hears his name being called a few times but ignores his Human best friend. Ace then spots in the corner of his eye, a spaceship that landed on the beach sands about two hundred meters from where the beach goers were at. Ace ditched the females and ran to his Human best friend. Ace had an uneasy feeling about the spaceship and felt a strong sense of protecting his best friend. The beach goers were not paying attention to the illegally parked spaceship. A  genetically engineered iguana arrived with an army of genetically modified minions. They were walking down a ramp. The minions are of the various animal wildlife and domesticated animals. They are carrying over one hundred barrel conta

The Shittiest Story

 The Shittiest Story  By Vincent Fitch         Once, upon a time, there was a stupid boy who wore feces as a hat. The town's folk were known as the greatest, most gifted artists. This small town was ripe with fresh brown streams and yellow golden rain. It never snowed in this hole. The people are the greatest pieces of crap on this pale white land. We ate sloppy brown balls that were high up, on the 100 acre bamboo forests, on this pale ass. When the wind blows through this village? It fills up with the most pleasant smell of the butt hole. The art galleries were the best, most beautiful pieces of crap on this pale white land. Sometimes papa would take me far up mushroom tower. We would adventure into the shaft. We drank the freshest and tastiest yellow water. During the horrific seasonal cleansing;  We sometimes visit Grandma up on the upper right pits side of this landscape. Who knew that this shitty town was glorified for its brown pies, this is the best Shit ever. The wo