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(Part 17) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

Part 17: Heaven's Guardians        Wallace visits the different sections of Sarlia's realm, she explains, "This is where the souls go to be judged. The good souls and chosen warriors by Valcia rest. The chosen warriors get to keep their bodies and are escorted to the champion's hall. That is where you will go after you die." Wallace and Sarlia enter the stadium from their last sparring session. They enter the middle of the stadium battlegrounds, "Wallace, you will have to challenge three guardians. The gargoyles, the gryphon, and the mightiest guardian of heaven, the chimera. The gargoyles are strong through numbers but weak by themselves. The gryphon flies through the skies and maintains the policing of the different sections. The chimera protects the warriors entrance, it challenges any warrior before they can enter. The chimera never fights to its full potential, but if it deems the warrior to be strong enough, it will accept them into the warriors' Co

Goddess In The Sky (V1)

GODDESS IN THE SKY ( Version 1) By Vincent Fitch Is there another like you out there for me? Even if I could not get specifically I would love to find one  To be my shining Sun In my life and memory Will live in a world Where I have to wake up to Vixen like you In the little time I have this day Just have to say That you are definitely  A foxy lady Any other man should you have  Shall be  by your shining Sun I would love to be the one Life with you, would be insouciant and affable I would like to see you, but it's just unfathomable Too bad I will have to wait  For my own quintessence  Of one with your semblance My apotheosis of the dream wife,  In my eyes, my soul and life;  Is starting to become ellipse Ever fading away from your eclipse I may one day have one similar to your qualities that I adulate Holding to my fears beginning to suffocate There's no one else that I desiderate A goddess, who

Inside Heart

Inside Heart By Vincent Fitch Inside my heart I burn an umbra So dark So dark it's The Epitome … Fearing The Infectious Disease of Society Dark Void in my heart Epitomize Virulent intentions with acrimonious actions berated Towards Ignorance Of a lackadaisical Society unabated Hatred From Solipsisticism All the Acrimonious Collectivism Promoting Virulent activism Addicted to pain Addicted to Fear Addicted to Spite Addicted to Polemic Rhetoric Epitomize Virulent intentions with acrimonious actions berated Towards Ignorance Of a lackadaisical Society unabated Hatred From Being Afraid Anger from Disputation Hostility against False Consultation Berated towards Misinformation Ignorance is what runs the world Ignorance of Knowledge is what's being sold The Epitome The Epitome They Epitomize They Epitomize Ignorance Is The Epitome of Society Epitomize Virulent intentions with acrimonious actions