Quotes That I Live By

Quotes That I Live By ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1) “There are no secrets, but the truth is buried under a Sea of Lies. You just need to know where to look” ______________________________________________________ 2) “It's not about who you are during the first impression, it's about who you were when you are no longer around.” ______________________________________________________ 3) “Just realize that the average person is dumb, and that half of them are even dumber” ______________________________________________________ 4) “Doing something that you're passionate about doesn't feel like a job, but part of who you are” ______________________________________________________ 5) “Curiosity should be handled  with prudence, but Ignorance is more dangerous than Curiosity”. ______________________________________________________ 6) “A happy life is one filled wit

Lost In The Dark : (PART 2) The Fray

Lost In The Dark

Part 2 : The Fray

  The rain is pouring heavier than before. You have no clue about what is going on within this world. The two spirits were distorting your own perception of this world. Though you have no idea what is, and isn't based in reality. You say to yourself, “Was it a figment of my imagination?” Though the thoughts never stuck with you, they flutter away from your memory, leaving you alone. The ocean water is too deep, yet you seem to be unable to find a way off of a stranded island. The island is very tiny and holds no vegetation or other lifeforms. You are alone, lost, isolated and delirious. The ocean waters are rushing rapidly around the island, making it difficult to enter the water. Nothing to sleep in, or on. No trees, no life, no sign of safety. You fall asleep on the sand. You are awoken by a loud sound of an explosion that destroyed the entire ocean and lit up the entire night sky. The ocean evaporated and steam rose in its place. The ground is dry, cracked and desolate. Alone you walk out into the new landscape. Your every single step sinks in the dry ocean mantle. No thoughts, no questions, no ideas ever cross between yourself. You continue to wander around aimlessly for hours on end, with no escape from, and nowhere else to go.
  You wake up and our spotted by an image of a shadow. The shadow stares at you, no voice no action, just gawking eyes open and you can see the whites of the eyes. The shadow has no expression on its face. You ignore it and proceeded towards the door. You have forgotten about everything that you previously encountered. Everything is still chaotic and painful. You walk around the flooded streets. The winds are blowing against your chest. The weight of the force is slowing your steps forward. No thoughts on what you have to do. Instead of just giving in to the forces, you continue to fight the powerful gusts of the tropical storm.  A dark figure is pushing you backwards. It is your shadow but the sky is too dark and the wind is blowing extremely hard against you. Though the shadow of you, is acting with the wind. Now you are thrown to the ground and the shadow whispers, “you are worthless, you have no reason for continuing forward. Give up on the journey through the madness!”. You wake up again back where you were thrown down by your own shadow. You stand up and see the world has turned upside down. You look at the landscape and realized that it's not exactly upside down but folded up into a sphere of the world turned inside out. The sky was non existent. The sun and moon were no longer within your own perception. The dark landscape is more bizarre than before. It is as if you were just being surrounded by the emotion of the environment.
  With no thoughts or questions concerning the scenery, you proceeded towards your new journey through the world that is turned inside out. This moment you realize that you lost your shadow and your heart and soul were still missing. You wander around with no shadow, no soul  and no heart; you continue with the journey of this chaotic environment. As you walk around, you hear snickering and giggles of little children. You see no sign of the kids but as you walk around the neighborhood, you can make out the whispers of the snickering and giggling little children, their whispers were, “Look at the fool! What a dumbass! Looks like a loser! Hahahaha, failure and puny. You should just go away. You are worthless! Don't think that you will be able to! Stop trying to search for understanding! You have no reason for happiness! You are a joke! Just give up on your attempts of your life! No journey is meant for you to complete! Go away you are a failure at life! No, you won't make it! This is the end of you! Failure! Loser! Idiot! Failure! Loser! Idiot! Die! Drop dead! Loser! Failure! Idiot!”. You are awoken by the sound of falling rain. The raindrops were the size of a golf ball and they were quickly flooding the ground beneath your feet. You can't get up from the flooding floor from which you are laying down on. The flood ends up consuming your entire body and you seem to be able to breathe but feel completely soaked in the water. You feel heavier than before. The water rushed out of the house, you are being carried away from the neighborhood and are swept to another site within the environment. The ground is dried up and empty. The world is a desert with dunes.the sandstorms continue to blind your vision of a few inches from your face. You feel the heat beating down on you, but there is no Sun or source for where the heat is coming from.
    You are walking up a massive dune hill. A scorpion crawls past your feet as you are hiking up hill. A few buzzards which are circling around above your head. The environment is still inside out and as if you are inside of a spherical hollow ball. A person who is standing on the hill. You begin to call out loudly saying, “hey, excuse me! I am lost and I am beginning to feel exhausted from walking around too much. I need advice! Hello! Can you please help me? Hey, you up on the hill!”. The figure vanished from view. You reach the peak of the dune to find an oasis. The oasis is beautiful. You are exhausted from the long hike up the massive dune hills. You were lead here by chasing the humanoid figure. Though you weren't able to find the person who was on the hill top. Now in your mind you feel relieved to be able to sit down and relax with freshwater to drink. You lay down and stare at the world that is turned inside out. The lack of a sky was replaced with the city environment for which you first were at. Now you feel a presence through your entire body, it was felt by the shiver of your skin. The goosebumps form and your hair feels static. A light forms on the lake of the Oasis. You sit up to look at it. The light forms into an image of a child that resembles you. It opens its eyes and you can see the whites of its eyes. You stand up as it approached you. You feel a sense of calmness resonating from the image. It disappears and whispers while floating around behind your back, into your ears,”I am the one who you need to believe in. You should never disregard the memories and beliefs that I once had. It is the dreams of your own childhood, the you who imagined what you loved about life. Dreams never die, unless you kill them. So what if I am a child with a lot of dreams and ambitions. So what if I am the more callow version of you. It is not worth disregarding me as soon as you feel insecure and shunned by the opinion of others!”. It fades away from you and the oasis becomes evanescent.


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