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(Part 17) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

Part 17: Heaven's Guardians        Wallace visits the different sections of Sarlia's realm, she explains, "This is where the souls go to be judged. The good souls and chosen warriors by Valcia rest. The chosen warriors get to keep their bodies and are escorted to the champion's hall. That is where you will go after you die." Wallace and Sarlia enter the stadium from their last sparring session. They enter the middle of the stadium battlegrounds, "Wallace, you will have to challenge three guardians. The gargoyles, the gryphon, and the mightiest guardian of heaven, the chimera. The gargoyles are strong through numbers but weak by themselves. The gryphon flies through the skies and maintains the policing of the different sections. The chimera protects the warriors entrance, it challenges any warrior before they can enter. The chimera never fights to its full potential, but if it deems the warrior to be strong enough, it will accept them into the warriors' Co

(Part 3) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

      The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom Part 3: The Third Assassination             Queen Marianne wakes up, she looks to her left as Wallace steps out of the bed, "Wallace where are you going?" He replied, "To cook you some food, and see if there is any news on your daughter's whereabouts." He walked out of the room, headed downstairs and entered the military corridor. Wallace approached a taller man, "General Darren, have you gathered any news about Amillia? The queen has been having difficulties with the loss of her husband and the disappearance of her daughter. She won't eat much, screams at night, and won't concentrate on her tasks." The General replied, "Sir Wallace, we have not heard anything yet. I understand her worries. I have soldiers delivering messages to even kingdoms far out of the continent into the kingdoms around and in the Southern Sea. I know it has been a few weeks now, but have her majesty be patient. It will ta

(Part 2) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom Part 2: The Black Horse           The father left his family behind as he wandered around the forest, he approached another small village a few miles from the one he left. The sign read, "Quark Village." The man opens a door, walks to a counter, then sits down at the bar, the bartender says with an accent, "Hi Sam. It's been awhile since you last came here. You want the usual?" Sam replied, "Yes, I have had a lot of fun lately and need to relieve some of the stress on my shoulders." Sam has a few drinks, a young lady approached Sam, "Hi handsome. My name is Beth. I see that you are not from around here. So what brings a strong handsome man like you to our bar?" Sam smiles, "You are very beautiful. But, unfortunately I have sold my soul to another woman. Though, even if I was not married or attached to my wonderful woman, I would definitely fall for a beauty as of yourself." She walked