(Part 17) The Shadow Of The Ice Kingdom

Part 17: Heaven's Guardians        Wallace visits the different sections of Sarlia's realm, she explains, "This is where the souls go to be judged. The good souls and chosen warriors by Valcia rest. The chosen warriors get to keep their bodies and are escorted to the champion's hall. That is where you will go after you die." Wallace and Sarlia enter the stadium from their last sparring session. They enter the middle of the stadium battlegrounds, "Wallace, you will have to challenge three guardians. The gargoyles, the gryphon, and the mightiest guardian of heaven, the chimera. The gargoyles are strong through numbers but weak by themselves. The gryphon flies through the skies and maintains the policing of the different sections. The chimera protects the warriors entrance, it challenges any warrior before they can enter. The chimera never fights to its full potential, but if it deems the warrior to be strong enough, it will accept them into the warriors' Co

Lost In The Dark: (PART 4) The Nescient Mist

Lost In The Dark
By Vincent Fitch

Part 4 : The Nescient Mist

 The landscape is consumed by a humid mist. The mist is thick and the humidity makes it feel as if you are sweating; though you are not. The water vapor began to make your skin feel sticky and hot. The mist feels as if you are in a sauna. It is relaxing and soothing. You feel comfortable with being in the steam's mist. You walk around the environment unable to see inches in front of your face. It doesn't bother you; in fact nothing seems to be able to make you feel upset or have any form of emotions. You are feeling tranquility and insouciance. No worries, no fears, no taunting voices, no mysterious advisors harassing. Just you, all alone, blinded by the mist, and the soothing steam’s humidity. You walk around with your head held high and strutting like you know where you are going, but in truth, you have no idea what lies ahead of your own face. Your eyes can't see past a few inches from you. You though are not aware of the situation and feel free to do or go where you want. Nescience is leading you with false aplomb and false puissance. Inside you have nothing. No guidance, no sapience, no guiding aureole. Yet, everything is going well for you. You don't hear anything that would degrade you, your thoughts are clear, and no one else is instigating you. This is bliss, this is self-esteem, this is being secured in your persona.
 You continue to wander around aimlessly. Nothing is in your way, everything is going way too well for you. No thoughts on doubts about your mistakes and weakness. No bickering criticism. No one else telling you about your own life. This emotionless and nescience is making it easier to get a hold of the elysium in you. The mist is soothing and the air fresher. It doesn't matter if you don't know what lies ahead. It doesn't matter what happens. You are secured in the mist, and to you that is more than enough for proceeding further in the steam.  This elysium is making you elated and unable to hold off on the effusion from exploding from within. You began to get overly excited and decided to run through the mist. It feels good when the steam's droplets hit your skin. The warmth of the environment and the emptiness is consuming your very being. Running, laughing, skipping, smiling. You feel like you know where you are running to. You run and run. You keep running around endlessly, and not stopping. You run, faster and faster. You feel the faster you run, the longer you run through the mist, the easier it will to escape the mist. The mist seems to be unending. You keep running around. Running, and sprinting, the mist seems to be never ending. You don't have thoughts or question about whether or not you are running around in a circle through the mist. You believe that you are going the correct route. That what you are doing is making progress because you know that you are running straight and have not turned around or changed directions. You have been running around in a straight line. So, you can't be running around in a circle. This nescient attitude towards the environment does end when you decide to turn left way than turn to the right way. Going left seems like it is clearing the mist. Though you have a doubt coming from the crack in your own thoughts. It seems to be growing more prominent as you watch the mist clearing. The mist seems to be finally evaporated and you smile, laughing and ecstatic about being correct. Until you run into a brick wall. You then have no other choice but to go back into the mist. You ignore the words written on the wall, it said “The path is on the other side of this route” but  you felt it was pointless and you continue to enter the mist of nescience.

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