Quotes That I Live By

Quotes That I Live By ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1) “There are no secrets, but the truth is buried under a Sea of Lies. You just need to know where to look” ______________________________________________________ 2) “It's not about who you are during the first impression, it's about who you were when you are no longer around.” ______________________________________________________ 3) “Just realize that the average person is dumb, and that half of them are even dumber” ______________________________________________________ 4) “Doing something that you're passionate about doesn't feel like a job, but part of who you are” ______________________________________________________ 5) “Curiosity should be handled  with prudence, but Ignorance is more dangerous than Curiosity”. ______________________________________________________ 6) “A happy life is one filled wit

BLS: Prologue

 Prologue: The Great War 

    In the year 2056, near Jupiter, a dark distorted figure is moving towards the asteroid belt, a small space shuttle appears from the distortion, swiftly maneuvering away from the dark void as it rushes to Earth, flying through the air, cutting the clouds as it descends. The shuttle flies past a jet airliner, the plane swerves to the left.

         A few hours have passed as a group of beings dressed in aberrant looking outfits sit down on a bench behind the United States ambassador. The spectators are talking amongst each other, “These kids look like troublemakers." "Punk rockers." "They look like hooligans." "They are supposed to be from space, but I don't believe that it's true." "They are just pranksters. I can't look at them and take them seriously." "Their hair, eyes, and outfits resemble that of rebellious teenagers." "Those eye drops that change eye color, my son uses them."

     As the ambassador is speaking she is approached by the magenta eyed female who requests, “I am sorry for being rude and interrupting your speech, but I think that I should have informed you that we don't have much time left. I would like to read the letter from my planet's President if you don't mind me asking?” The Ambassador responds, “Yes, I am sorry for taking so long to finish my lecture on the growing tensions between our planet's countries. Here I will let you speak to  the other country’s representatives. Again, I am sorry for being inhospitable, thanks for coming all the way to our planet Earth and I hope that we will begin a beautiful friendship between our two planets!” The violet eyed male guest pulls out a paper and states, “I am going to read this document from our planet's leadership!” He paused and continued to read more, “Dear inhabitants and representatives of the diverse countries across this planet Earth. Thank you for your considerate and hospitable actions towards my constituents. My ambassadors representing our homeworld are some of the most beautiful things that I picked out of the uglier ones. I admire your societal culture and planet Earth’s intriguing history. You have the most beautiful towers and monuments. I have never had the pleasure of seeing such ingenuity. This is a very glorious day for celebration. Don't worry we aren't going to stick probes up your butt holes. Nor do we plan on creating hybrids, yet. I have to admit that you do have some very beautiful females, probing may be necessary, I mean information probing, not shoving objects up your butts, maybe. I want to thank you all for your time that was taken out of your busy schedules. I understand that managing an entire country and planet politics is one of the most difficult jobs. Thank you very much!" Applause from the whole room and tears roll down the eyes of the ambassadors. Then, the violet eyed guest sits down as the magenta eyed female guest stands up and hovers over the podium. She pulls out a paper and announces, “Excuse me, I have another letter from my President of our empire. I will read it for you all to hear his declaration!”  The crowd began to look around at each other, a lot of rambling towards the audience filled the room for a few seconds. The female guest exclaimed, “I am sorry for interrupting your gossip but I really need to finish up the last part of the speech please!” The crowd shuts up and says, “Please continue with the process, we are sorry.” The magenta eyed girl continued to read, “By my right as galactic ruler of this quadrant of this galaxy, I hereby declare that this Solar System and everything that is or from this Solar System is now under the authority of my empire. Any resistance will be dealt with swiftly. Thank you for letting my representatives come to your planet's leadership!” He signed at the bottom of the letter with, “Much Appreciated, President Zey Drah III” He had something else on the note located near the bottom corners of the document, there was a smiley face and thumbs up stickers. She left the letter on the podium, and the three guests walked out of the room. 

      The President of The United States of America sits down, places the letter the guests left behind on the conference table in the Pentagon. The CIA director says, "We were previously contacted by some scientists." He continues, "Their report reads as follows." "We first had issues with some of our research satellites in certain areas of the Solar System’s asteroid belt and some satellites around Neptune. The only thing recovered is a video of some strange transparent looking anomalies. Through our scientific understanding, we have located these same transparent looking vessels. Well, we suggest that they are probably not transparent per se, but most likely able to warp the fabric of space/time around the spaceships creating a gravitational lensing effect. This fact allows for the explanation of why nothing we have is capable of detecting them. Here's the photos of the crafts with the coordinates for their specific location. Nothing more follows.” The Commander in charge of the room slapped his hand hard on the Situational Report resting on the table, “This is not a good report from NASA and the other countries. Considering that the guests gave us an ultimatum and now we have to find out how to maintain our planet's independence from these invaders!” He gives the report to his executive officer who then hands it to the President.

       A man in a uniform with the name tag, "Pai Drix" is staring at the shining blue planet. He received a report from his underling, "Sir, we have parked the Flagship in tidel lock position. The soldiers are ready for your command." He paused for a few minutes, "Wait, sir we just got word that the leaders of the planet had launched their nuclear weapons and are aiming for our location." Pai Drix grins, "Ha, they always attack. I have never met one who has surrendered, though some have under other Generals and Admirals! Well, the fun part begins! You know what to do." The Colonel commands, "Begin the descent to Earth! Destroy everything! Leave nothing left!" Missiles flying around like a swarm of bees, charging in to sting what it's chasing. The roar of the rockets and the bright red glow from the nuclear detonation on the Mothership made the sky  appear to be burning in the colors of yellow, orange and red. The radiation caused contamination to the layers of the planet’s Ionosphere. The war breaks out and the invaders begin the assault, easily slaughtering Earth’s military might with little to no damages or loss. The invaders are ordered to capture the survivors and destroy all of the Earthlings' cities and architectures. The invaders round up as many of the surviving Earthlings. Only a few hundred million survivors of the war successfully escaped by taking refuge underground, where they built a global resistance force of every prior nationality. On Earth, the ones that were not able to get away from the invaders, were killed off, formed villages on the outskirts of the city ruins, or forced into generational servitude.


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