Quotes That I Live By

Quotes That I Live By ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1) “There are no secrets, but the truth is buried under a Sea of Lies. You just need to know where to look” ______________________________________________________ 2) “It's not about who you are during the first impression, it's about who you were when you are no longer around.” ______________________________________________________ 3) “Just realize that the average person is dumb, and that half of them are even dumber” ______________________________________________________ 4) “Doing something that you're passionate about doesn't feel like a job, but part of who you are” ______________________________________________________ 5) “Curiosity should be handled  with prudence, but Ignorance is more dangerous than Curiosity”. ______________________________________________________ 6) “A happy life is one filled wit

Blood Lit Skies-Ch1

Chapter 1 Quorvo, The Noble Pirate

Part 1 Scavenger Exploration    

      In the year 2083 A.D, forty-seven years after "The Great War." "Search the area! The desert rats must be hiding the rebel soldiers inside of the houses!" A cybernetic humanoid yells at their subordinates. The cyborgs march into the homes, “No, please! Don’t kill me!” The cyborgs are dragging the families out of their home, the first ten Humans are lined up into an open area near a cliff with a waterfall. The leader yells, “Ready your aim!” the soldiers aim their rifles as the leader yells, “Fire!” blood flows down the stream towards where the other Human hostages reside. Screams, tears and anger can be heard, as individuals can be heard yelling, “I don’t know any rebels! I don’t know anything! I don’t want to die!” The soldiers line the next group along the waterfall Ready, aim, fire!". An hour goes by as the soldiers march back into the small village residing inside of a canyon named Redrock. The soldiers exit the houses, enter their vehicles and sped away until they are three hundred meters from the village, the leader commands, "Detonate!" Explosion after explosion, the houses crumble to the ground, debris is launching through the air. The leader yells, "Let's go! If any rebels were amongst them, they would surely be dead."

     A vehicle kicks up dust, wheels splash in a puddle. Quorvo stood up, coughs as dust falls from his body, "What the fuck was that? Where am I? Oh that's right, I had to crawl out of my house. It looks like the village seems to have also been destroyed. Oh well, I don't fucking care, most were assholes anyways, I guess I have no choice but to leave." He yawns, then extends his arms with a good stretch. Quorvo is walking down the road kicking a soccer ball, and throwing a football when out of the corner of his eye he sees "Oh, look a pirate hat." running as fast as he can to the rubble pile, splashing the blood like a puddle of water, he jumps up, climbs up the side of a collapsed wall, placing his hands on the top of the wall, and his foot on the mid-section of the wall, with a few grunts and some scratches he lifts himself up, places his feet so as to perch himself on the ledge of the wall. Quorvo stepped onto a fallen staircase while pushing away the objects blocking his path. Reaching his arm out to grab the top of the second floor, Quorvo accidentally grabs a wrench and a paper bag, "Yuck, smells rotten!" then throws it. He lifts himself up onto the second floor, "Damn it I am blocked by this fuckng wall! I don't see any way out but that pipe should break through the wall. He picks the pipe up and starts bashing the drywall. Quorvo squeezes through the gap he made, then walks across the hall and enters the bathroom. He notices that the toilet is still intact, pulls down his pants, sits down on the toilet seat, then grabs a blood soaked comic book. He finished taking a dump in the toilet, then looked around for the toilet paper. A human hand is sticking out of the shower, holding the toilet paper roll. Quorvo shook the dead woman's hand, "Thank you miss, oh good, no blood on it." As the toilet is flushing he stands up, walks to the sink, turns the handle making the broken faucet spray water. A few seconds as he is cleansing his face, another vehicle raced passed the area crashing straight through the house, Quorvo falls to the ground landing on a knee and his hands "The fuck just happened? The vehicle looked exactly like those up armored SUVs. I already knew these assholes had to be the cause for the village being destroyed, but why are they still sending soldiers here? The fuck is wrong with them! I was trying to get washed up! You stupid assholes! Now I have blood on my favorite shirt. Haha, what great timing, someone has a nice set of clothes and leather jacket in their closet. Guess they won't be needing this anymore." After he changed his clothes he walked outside, picked up a water gun with bloody water in the chamber, then squirts the bloody water on the ground writing, “Go Fuck Yourself'' Quorvo threw the toy gun at a brick wall causing the pieces to fly in different directions. " I see the hat, and a shiny new ring." He dusts it off by hitting it on his hip and sweeping the hat with his hand. He spots the wolf ring on a severed hand, yanks the ring off, examines the platinum ring shaped like a wolf with two sapphire eyes, and diamonds embedded in the circular part of the ring. He puts it on, then continues to loot and plunder the rubble piles. 

      An hour passes by as he continues to search through the debris and houses, he finds a motorcycle that appears to be in good condition, he thinks to himself, “I know that I should be able to find the keys to the bike somewhere!” In a rush he digs through the Human remains, tossing arms, legs, bloody pants and dresses in random directions. Searching tirelessly through the pockets, trying to find the keys. As he was digging through the pockets he discovered a couple odd humanoid objects in the distance, he ignored them. Quorvo finally locates the right keys to the motorcycle, the distant figures approach within a few hundred meters from his position, hops onto the motorcycle, starts the ignition, disengages the clutch while shifting to first gear, then rides toward the Southeast. The motorcycle roars as Quorvo disappears from the odd looking humanoid figures' line of sight. The beings teleport into the closest proximity of his location, unable to keep up with, teleporting repeatedly until the odd looking humanoids began running into issues with their internal mechanical parts, slowing their pursuit, letting Quorvo disappear out of their sights. The odd humanoids were forced into being teleported into the SCB Laboratory Warehouse for repairs.       

     Quorvo is riding on a road named "Flamingo" as the motorcycle starts to sputter to a stop, "out of fuel" I guess I have to walk  to the casinos." Quorvo makes it to the nearest casino "Palms." With a huge smile and a burst of energy, he is having a blast exploring Las Vegas Nevada’s severely damaged casino structures. A few hours passed by as he entered the severely damaged Luxor casino. Walking around the ruins aimlessly, yawns, sits down on the ground, eyes beginning to get heavy. Slowly with a good stretch he stands up, goes to the hotel lobby of the Luxor casino, hopped over the counter, and looks through the area for things to scavenge. Quorvo opened the door behind him, leading into an office. He saw a bottle of “Johnnie Walker Blue.” The seal on the bottle was not broken and the bottle was in excellent condition. "Yes, I have to get a taste of that aged liquor! The floor is collapsed, a stupid sinkhole, how the hell am I supposed to get around to the bottle? The hole is too deep, I can't see the bottom of the hole! The sides are crumbling and unstable, too many objects in my way. God damnit, I just want to get that bottle! I am getting too tired. I need to… get some sleep." He leaves the area, grabs a keycard from a dead body, puts it into his pocket. "I have a good idea, I am actually quite a bit bored." Quorvo picked up a couple of dead people, placed several of the dead people around a poker table, and stood at the dealer side of the table. Lastly, he deals out the cards to each one. He then started to play Texas Holdem with the deceased tourists. Quorvo starts to talk to the dead people, "Sally, how have you been doing today? You seem a bit tipsy? Do you need me to assist you?" “Hank, are you still having marital issues? Stay the night and I can hook you up with a few escorts." He paused as he flipped the cards over, “Bob you are the first to place your bets. Bob folded his cards, next up is Sally. Sally puts in a hundred on her hand, then Hank calls it and places a hundred also." Quorvo enthusiastically says, "OK here is the flop. So, is Bob going to check or is he going to bet this time? Bob is going to bet on his hand and the flop for 250. Next is Sally and she calls it and raised it to 500. Next Hank is up. What is Hank going to do next? Is he going to fold, call or raise? Well folks it seems like Hank is all in Sally's boobs now. Someone been drinking too much alcohol. Well now Sally's hand is on Bobs groin.” Quorvo stands up and starts to get them sitting back into a position for continuing the poker game. While he was trying to reposition the poker players, Sally's teeth fell on the table. Hank's head falls off and Bob is infested with bugs inside of his body. Quorvo reacts with “Well folks due to unsanitary conditions and a loss of a head, we will have to call the game and say goodbye.” Quorvo heads up the stairs, looks for the room that the keycard is for. He finds the hotel room, entered inside, takes his shoes off, goes into the bathroom, takes a nice warm shower. He says to himself, "Good thing Las Vegas Nevada’s energy runs on hydroelectric and a massive solar farm. Though there are no workers maintaining the place, it is still able to produce the necessary electrical energy to run the metropolitan area. The Hoover Dam will be able to stay operational for a very long time, until the water and weather finally erodes the cement structure." Quorvo scrolls through the DVR for saved TV shows. He watches them for hours on end, after the shows are finished, he passes out on the bed, sleeping peacefully.

Part 2 A Friend In A Time Of Need

    Quorvo is wandering around the abandoned Las Vegas Strip, looking for where he should go next. His stomach growls, "Fuck I am starving. I need to find something to eat!" He can hear the sound of water flowing a few feet away, behind some fallen debris and halfway collapsed walls "There seems to be water nearby?" Quorvo made his way towards the water source, "Oh good lucky me, a stream runs through the streets." He looks around, "I guess the water is coming from the mountains and flowing into rivers and streams throughout the valley." Quorvo cupped his hands together, his palms facing up, scoops up the water and drinks from the stream. A rusted car lies near his location within his sights, he walks towards the window, opens the door, and searches inside, "I found a Camelbak that is part of a hiking backpack. It is in great condition too. Looks like I don't have to worry too much about hydration now, it's like the entire world is now a communist's utopia. I also need to find supplies, and another vehicle so I can get the hell out of Nevada.

     Quorvo walked for miles until he finally located an old facility by the old freeway named the I-95 that used to be a Chrysler-Dodge car dealership. "So, I guess I need to search the offices, and the personnel that used to work here." He walked into the first room, dragged the body, emptying the pockets, then moved onto the next one, until he found a key labeled, "Sport" Quorvo walked over to the set of lock boxes lined together at the rear of the facility. It read "Used Vehic Box" "Econ Vehic Box" "Util Vehic Box" "Sport Vehic Box" "Lux Vehic Box" He opens the box and examines the keys. "Yes, an ACR Dodge Viper. Yes, yes, yes! Now which one does the key belong to?" He grabbed a key, then ran to the warehouse in the back of the facility. "It seems I can't break in without the proper keycards. There seems to be three key cards needed to open just one fucking garage door. I don't have time for this! I can't break it open with an axe or anything, the door is reinforced steel. I think that I am getting hungry, and haven't eaten shit for a few hours now! I need to find something to eat. I will have to come back after I have found something to eat." Time continues to pass by as he struggles to locate any food, "I am getting fucking annoyed, my stomach hurts, my head is starting to hurt, I am drenched in sweat, and I don't know if there is even anything big enough to satisfy my hunger! I need to figure something out." He heard a little rustling and noticed a group of rabbits who took shelter under a pile of rubble, the rabbits ran into a hole. "Sweet, I at least found a family of rabbits. I bet there is a store where I can gather supplies to create traps. This will have to suffice for now, I can't survive off of rabbit meat alone but I have no choice right now." He quickly went to the pet store, grabbed a cage, set it up for catching the rabbits with some fresh green grass as bait, "Good thing that there are a bunch of streams flowing around the area." Quovo set up six more traps around the vicinity of the rubble pile. He sips on his straw, "Good thing I found this Camelbak. I can just sip on the water to keep my hunger from being too much of a problem. Now I wait until I catch some food." After nightfall, Quorvo checks the cages, "Yes, I caught three rabbits!" He set up a campfire, found a few cans of stew vegetables in an unopened can labeled Campbell's, skinned the rabbits, cut the meat off the bones, threw it into a pot and moved the leftover meat and bones far away from the campsite. Quorvo cooked the meat on top of the grill, "The aroma is killing me. It is too intoxicating. I don't know how much longer I can wait till it is done. I am so fucking, god damn hungry."

         Three hours passed by the time he headed back to the facility at night. While searching the facility for the keycards, he found a flashlight then located the first dead person who he assessed must possess keycard access, "The wonders of eating a full meal does to one's psyche. I feel replenished, stronger and more focused! Now, where are the other two dead fools at?" He walked down the hallway, opened the door that read, "Maintenance Manager." He says to himself, "I bet this is number two." He looked inside, "Well fuck, this sucks, it is completely empty. I think maybe the guy's pockets that I first searched was the maintenance manager. I guess I should find the other two managers in this dealership." He made his way down another hallway, opened the door to the second manager's office, "Yay, a dead body lies on the ground." He searched the body, "Nope, no keys." Quorvo searched the drawers, throwing the paperwork, and supplies inside throughout the room, "Yes, this is the second keycard, now I need to locate the last dead body to desecrate. This is so much fun already, that's sarcasm. God I hate being alone!" As time flies by, he discovers a dead woman in the back of the Lux car warehouse in between the concrete boundary wall and stucco building wall. "She tried to hide in between the concrete wall structures of the warehouse. I guess she thought it would be enough to keep her from being killed by the war. She is a great example of utmost stupidity. At least I discovered her by accident. Why does it look like she was pregnant? Oh shit is that a baby's skeleton? I don't know what to think but, oh well. Her name badge and her purse was the only thing that she held onto. Well she had her priorities." He looked inside the purse, photos of her children and husband fell out. Quorvo pulled her dead body out from being pinned in between the walls, he laid her on the ground, patted down her pockets. He looks at her left hand and finds another photo of her family and her keycard. "Well this is a bit more work than I was expecting. Now I can get the fuck out of Nevada."  He headed towards the bay doors, unlocked the next set of doors, entered the garage section where he found dirty and paint chipped sports cars. "The inventory is full of Dodge Vipers, Challengers, and other Dodge brands. This is a candy store for me! Alright the alarm went off on the ACR model. Yes, I picked the right key for the top model of the best ACR version! I need to get fuel. Good thing the Hoover Dam is still operational. I should find a working cash register and pumps. Then fill up a few gas tanks, I will leave my Pirate hat inside the Viper for now. He walks off of the dealership property, then continues down the road. "Even though the Hoover Dam is still operational, not everything endured the war, weather and time itself has deteriorated most of the city and businesses. The closest gas stations are either demolished, eroded, rusted, or non-functional." He walks for miles, "I have now walked five miles. Yet, I am still unable to find a working pump." Water droplets roll down his cheeks, Quorvo looks up towards the sky. "The dark red clouds are beginning to show signs of a rainstorm. I guess I need to find shelter soon. I will leave a bucket to catch the rain and pour it into my Camelbak." Lighting crosses the sky as thunder echoes throughout the valley. Rain falls hard onto the ground. Quorvo rushed into the nearest building. He watches as the rain floods the streets. The city draining system is clogged up, water continues to flood the streams and rivers, causing river rapids to form throughout the streets, carrying dead bodies, and debris downstream.

   The rain pours down so heavily that each raindrop is only a few centimeters apart in all directions as four individual people can be seen struggling to find shelter. The woman says to her husband, “Shaun we need to avoid the South end of the street. I saw a group of synthetic beings patrolling the area.” Shaun replied, “We will avoid that area then. Though we have to figure out where we can locate scraps from the rubble piles to sell to our village! This place should be filled with things to scavenge to trade for food, and supplies. This means that we are going to have to be extra careful to not create too much noise or be spotted by them patrolling the streets.” They took shelter in an abandoned building. The man grabbed his backpack and set up a tent for him and his wife. His children were in their teens and were competent to set up their own tents. The man and woman both searched the building for items in order to build a firepit. The teenagers were searching for things that they could scavenge. The family later on were sitting close to one another around the fire. The Mother is cooking the meat that they brought with them,  while The father is cooking the beans and some vegetables in another firepit. The children are stashing the scraps that they scavenged from earlier while their parents cook and set up the dinnerware. The family relaxed and ate their dinner, then they headed into their tents for the night. 


      A few synthetic cyborg guards are patrolling in a group of four, conducting their mandatory patrols of the area, making sure that nothing was infiltrating or a threat towards the construction site. Inside of the Las Vegas construction labor camp, inside a command center the head of the cyborgs reports to a platoon of soldiers, "There was news that the rebel forces successfully stole four old broken down space battleships. The ships couldn’t fly and were previously severely damaged by friendly fire during the great war. The elite rulers are still not pleased about them finding a way to steal the battleships, and they just considered them to be a slight nuisance. However, they felt that this achievement might make the rebels overconfident in themselves, making the rebels think that they can attack more frequently than usual. There are multiple reports of a possible link between the Greenvalley village and the rebel forces. That is all. Move out!"

      The sun was beginning to rise as the family were packing up their campsite. A few hours later, they left the building at the same moment the synthetic guards were heading back to the Southern area of the strip where the labor camp is located. They carefully maneuvered around the patrolling guards, slowly moving and maintaining cover behind structures. 

     Quorvo was watching the family move around the street. Quorvo slowly walked behind the family who were trying to be careful about their visibility. Quorvo was directly standing behind the father, who was in the rear. The mother was the lead in their four man mount team. He waited till the father wasn’t aware of what was behind him, then he tapped on his shoulder saying, “Excuse me, kind sir, can I help you?” The father turned around as Quorvo grabbed the rifle with ease and put the man in a choke hold. He then grabbed the pistol from the man’s hip and threw it to the ground. They lifted up their weapons and pointed at Quorvo, the wife pleads, “Please don’t hurt my husband!” Quorvo asked, “I was not meaning any harm. I didn’t want to approach from the front, because you seem to be too jumpy to walk in front of. If you put down your weapons and don’t attempt anything, we can talk about helping each other with our goals. See, I need to find a working gas station to haul a few fuel tanks towards a warehouse that houses a vehicle that I was planning to repair, so I can leave this desert towards the West Coast, you can even get your own transportation or a few, and take them to wherever you want to go.” They put down their weapons and agreed to work together. Quorvo kept the pistol and rifle as the man had two rifles and two pistols for backup. They just rolled with it, they didn’t know if they could trust Quorvo or not. To show them that he was telling the truth, he took them to the warehouse where the cars were located. He handed them a few keys and said, “Pick one or more, I can repair them, I used to be a mechanic in a village before it was raided and destroyed by the Synthetic guards” The teenagers were ecstatic to see vehicles that looked like these, "We have only seen pictures of cars like these, and only been around working utility vehicles. We have never seen sports cars that looked like these ancient Human technologies." The family agreed with a more trustworthy tone, "We can exploit these vehicles as a means for having an unlimited amount of preserved technology, that can be scavenged or traded for whatever we need or for currency." Quorvo goes on to explain, "The vehicles are slightly rusted, the paint along with the interior is cracked and falling apart only due to sitting for almost fifty years in the warehouse." The five of them found a functional gas station, they each carried two large five gallon fuel jugs, while making six round trips, filling up the vehicles tanks, and storing sixteen filled up five gallon gas cans. When they returned to the car garage they helped Quorvo get the vehicles into the motor vehicle repair shop. Quorvo was teaching them about vehicle maintenance, while he is fixing the vehicles.

       Six miles towards the ruins of Henderson Nevada, five massive pods fall from the sky, crashing into the ground. Rebel soldiers try to steal a few hovercrafts at an outpost as Synthetic cyborg soldiers stormed out of the outpost, gunfire, and rocket fire destroyed a couple of the vehicles. The surviving rebels hopped onto the only one not destroyed. The soldiers ran from the outpost killing two rebels on the hovercraft as the remaining  six rebels successfully escaped the ambush assault. The Synthetic soldiers followed their retreat in uparmored vehicles as they drove for over seven miles into Greenvalley Nevada, at a village located near the Southern mountain. The villagers were not expecting the rebels to lead the Synthetic guards to their village, they tried to push the rebels outside of the village, as the village mayor yelled, "Go away! Why the hell did you lead them here? You know what just hurry up and get the fuck through the village. Just get the fuck out of here!" The rebels were still far out of sight from the synthetic guards' view. They opened up a hatch, climbed down a shaft, then sealed the entrance as the villagers covered up the hatch and went back to their mundane routines. 

   The synthetic guards arrived at the village and began patrolling the streets, searching for the rebels. The mayor approached the leading guard, "Is there something I can do for you? Please, don't harm us or our village. We are more than willing to comply." The Synthetic guard says, "We were following a group of rebel fighters. They seem to have been running in this direction." The mayor replied, "There weren't any rebels as far as I know nor any merchants, or anyone as a matter of fact passed through our village. Everyone who enters the village has to sign in on this ledger. Usually I am the first to know who enters, and passes through my town. You can be free to investigate the village." He hands them the ledger  but the cyborg drops it on the ground as the villagers went about their normal business the Synthetic soldiers kept asking, “Where did the rebel soldiers go?” They kept barging into houses, throwing the inhabitants belongings, breaking valuable dinnerware, and vases. The citizens kept saying, "We don't know anything! Please stop destroying our stuff! We need these things! Please, we aren't lying." The guards turned over tables, and broke glass windows. A Synthetic guard says, “We know that the rebels came to this village and we want to know where these individuals are hiding?” The villagers consecutively pleaded, “We don’t know if the rebels came here or not? We don't know what they look like. We need photos of them or something that describes them.” The guards believed them, "They don't know anything." at that moment the guards receive a message from the Overlords, “Level the entire village, find where they are hiding and locate any secret passageways to their headquarters. They most likely snuck into the village and have a hidden tunnel somewhere.” The villagers overheard the communication from the Overlords and began to freakout as the guards raised their rifles and pistols towards the innocent villagers. The whole village was slaughtered by the cyborgs as blood flowed through the streets, houses are lit on fire, lighting up the sky with smoke and flames.

       Shaun’s son started yelling, “Mom, dad! There is a massive fire coming from where our village is located!” Shaun, and Quorvo along with the others stopped working on the vehicles and stepped outside to see a massive fire scorching the skies with black smoke and red ashes. Shaun asked Quorvo, “Can we please go see if that fire is actually coming from our village?” Quorvo replied, “The vehicles are driveable now. So, yes. I guess later on, we can take care of the minor touch ups. So who is going to take the Challenger, and who is taking the Ram?” Shaun throws the keys to his wife and says, “Lakisha can you take the truck? William you and Amelia are riding with your mother!” They each got into their respective vehicles and drove out of the maintenance car garage as fast as they could. The three vehicles drove around the mounds of debris, racing through the desert landscape, for the wild animals and plants overtook the city. Painful images of fear fill their thoughts as dread takes over their thoughts. Fearing the worst as they approached the burning village with horror on their faces, at the realization that their friends, relatives, and neighbors were all massacred by the Synthetic guards. Quorvo approached the family and says, “I am so sorry, I had to go through my own village being destroyed. I wasn’t expecting to see another one be overrun and decimated so soon. This is the reason I was trying to get away from here. I wanted to find somewhere safer from these things. They only cause chaos in their wake. I will just leave you guys alone for now.” The father stands up and says, “Where are you planning on going? I think it might be best if we stuck as a group and headed out of this hell hole together. Our chances of survival probably will be greater as a group than alon!. Besides, you are the only one who can maintain the vehicles for us!” Quorvo shrugged his shoulders and went a long with it as the five of them drove off together towards the West. Down on the interstate highway they saw two teenage kids, a boy and a girl wandering alone and horseplaying while walking towards the East direction. Quorvo and the others weren’t interested in stopping, they continued on the interstate highway towards the West Coast.

Part 3 Pleasures, Nymphs, Bandits

     Mounds of human carcasses piled ten feet high filled the scenery as they drove by. They were driving down a main city road alongside, heading towards the ruins of Los Angeles. The stench seeped through, filling the vehicles with the stench of decay. The group drove off towards the North following the interstate highway heading towards San Francisco.

     6 hours passed by, they drove by a sign that read, "San Francisco - 20 Miles" two young women dressed in rags, walking along the side of the road. The one on the left says to the other, "We are lost? Beth, I am tired. I am thirsty and hungry! We got away but at least they were feeding us something. Now we are stuck, stranded. We shouldn't have jumoed and rolled out of that truck! I'm so hungry!" The other replied, "I understand how you feel but things will get better once we make it home again. I don't know where home is, but anywhere has to be better than back there. Hold on please, just a little longer." A few minutes go by as the one on the right yells, "Look Sara! Some people are coming!" Beth replies, "It must be another mirage."

     A few miles from the outskirts of the San Francisco ruins, they noticed some women that had collapsed on the side of the road. Quorvo and the others pulled over to assist the women. Lakisha and Amelia went over to investigate the women lying down on the side of the road. Lakisha says, “They are still alive, but seem to be in bad condition?” Quorvo and Shaun picked up the women, and put them onto the bed of the truck. An hour passed  as the two women  finally woke up, they realized that they were placed on the bed of the truck. Beth freaks out, “What? Who are you people?” Lakisha responded, “We saw you two collapse on the side of the road, and we wanted to make sure you two were okay.” Quorvo hands each of them a cup filled with clean water and a plate of cooked food.” Night began to fall as the group were setting up their respective tents, and organizing the materials to build a campfire. Everybody was laughing, and talking amongst each other. Quorvo walked away from the rest of them, walking towards the forest. He was walking through the forest. Quorvo was placing broken branches, twigs and bark inside of a duffle bag as he was bending over to put some branches into the bag, he felt someone grab his butt, dropping the twigs and branches on the ground. He turned around, staring directly at a young lady. She spoke up, “I am sorry to startle you. I couldn’t resist. My name is Beth. I don’t mean to be direct but I find you to be very handsome.” Quorvo smiled, and flirted back, “Well you are a very beautiful women, and you definitely have a sexy body.” She kissed him, and they had sex. After an hour both walked back to the camp with the firewood. As the time went by, and they all ate their meals, everyone headed to their tents and fell asleep. Quorvo was sleeping on the bed of the truck. Quorvo is awoken in the middle of the night with something under his blanket in between his legs. He lifted up the blanket and saw the other young women. He pulled her up by her arms, then made out with her and asked, “What is your name?” She replied, “Sara”. They had sex for an hour, then they fell asleep together. By morning, the group tore down their campsite, put their equipment up, and packed up everything into the vehicles. The women both requested, "If you are heading to San Francisco can we go with you?" 

     The group made a pit stop at a nearby village where they sold some supplies, and scavenged scraps for things that they required for sustenance and survival. Quorvo and Shaun overheard a conversation by two villagers, the one on the left said, "The bandits near the docks keep harassing us. I don't have anything left to give them. They already took my kids, my currency, and most of my assets. What am I going to do to pay them off?" The other one replies, "Don't worry, I will help you out. I will pay off your taxes." He smiles, "Thank you. I will repay you when I can. I will go scavenge the ruins later on." The two women, Beth and Sara, eavesdrop on a conversation between a store merchant talking to Quorvo and Shaun, “We have been having trouble dealing with a large group of bandits that keep stealing from us, and extorting our villages around the ruins. I lost my wife and two of my daughters to them. They keep forcing us to pay with supplies, food, water, and taxing us to stay in the villages. If we don’t pay them in some way or the other, they will burn everything to the ground, and they will. They torched half of this village. They also burned down two other villages around the ruins. They are no different than the Overlords. The bandits aren’t just men, the women are worse. They are acceptable towards the acts of the men's sexual, psychological and physical abuse to the slaves, which makes them more disgusting than the insalubrious men. The bandits will take Humans as offerings if we don’t want to pay them in merchandise or currency. Which means they just take, steal, and claim everything as their own!” Shaun says, “I am really sorry about this. If this is too much for you, we will do without the supplies, and food.” Quorvo says, “Yeah, I agree, we can find other means instead of taking your stuff.” The guy responded back, "I am sorry for my outburst. I, along with the villagers around here, are just scared. I know I am supposed to be running a merchant store, but because of these assholes my business isn't doing that great. If you were a couple days later, I could afford to be more inclined to sell my merchandise." Quorvo replies, "A couple of days later? Does that mean you are due to pay your taxes today or tomorrow?" He replies, "Tomorrow, they probably are collecting from the nearby villages, and usually, once a month on the next day they collect at our village."

     Quorvo and Shaun looked around for Beth and Sara, shrugging their shoulders as the group left the village. The men decided to hunt for food, and scavenge the ruins for supplies. As they were exploring the ruins, they overheard a couple women screaming and crying. Quorvo and Shaun ran to where the noises were coming from. They noticed two women being handcuffed and pulled towards what appears to be an abandoned Naval battleship. Quorvo and Shaun covertly followed behind them, they decided to infiltrate the battleship to see what was going on inside. They grabbed their rifles, and headed towards a section of the ship that was in a blindspot. They climbed up the side of the ship, crawled on to the deck, and took cover behind a wall. Quorvo says, “I’ll cover you while you move forward.” Shaun nodded his head and slowly swiftly moved towards a spot to take cover. Shaun says, “I am set.” Quorvo then rushes towards where Shaun is at. Shaun says, “I got you covered.” Quorvo moved past him and took cover, “I am set.” Shaun then rushed towards Quorvo’s spot. They continued to move throughout the ship, taking cover as and watching each other’s backs as they moved through the ship's deck. When they got to a door, they each took cover on each side of the doorway. Quorvo was near the door handle and Shaun was holding the door handle with his back closest to the hinges. Shaun was about to open the door but someone from the inside was already moving the handle and pulling the door open. Shaun and Quorvo moved away from the door quickly taking cover behind barrels on opposite sides. Three men walked out of the ship’s corridors. They were drunk, stumbling, and swearing at each other as they passed by Quorvo, heading towards the bow of the ship. The guy to the left bumped the one next to him, "I bet fifty on you getting your ass handed to you." The other replied, "I bet two hundred on you eating the bow of the ship." The third replied, "No killing each other. No weapons allowed, no dirty fighting either. We are running low on personnel, because the Synthetic soldiers attacked our ships two weeks ago. So, try to keep it honorable. Then you can take the leftover frustration out on the villagers later on, also we just recaptured Beth and Sara. They lost their way after the synthetic cyborgs attacked the convoy, and somehow managed to make it safely back to the ruins. Somehow they made it alive, which is quite strange?" Quorvo and Shaun were able to stay unnoticed as the men walked past Quorvo’s position. Shaun moved towards Quorvo as they followed the men. The men stopped when they were at the most wide open space of the bow of the ship. As the men were fighting a one on one fist brawl, Quorvo and Shaun snuck up behind the spectator, Shaun slit his throat. Quorvo and Shaun knocked the two idiots out cold, and hung the dead guy off the edge of the ship. They tied the unconscious bandits to chairs, then carried them off the ship using the dollies from the maintenance closet, and took them up to the top of a skyscraper, placing the chairs on the edge of the roof, with them lying on their backs. The bandits' heads were hanging over the ledge, they both woke up facing towards Quorvo and Shaun. The bandits looked towards the ground, "Oh, Shit! What the fuck is going on! Who the hell are you two!" Quorvo puts a knife to one of the ropes that are holding the guy on the left's chair as Shaun asked, “So, it seems neither of you wish to die. Good, we have a few questions to ask you.” Shaun walked to the other rope and took out his knife, then asked, “How many people are inside of the ship? What can you tell me about the layout and personnel inside?” They refused to say anything. Quorvo cuts the rope. The chair moved over the ledge, it stopped short a few inches, caught by a second rope. The guy on the left screams, "Oh, fucking shit!! Oh! Oh my fucky hell! You crazy motherfuckers!" Shaun says, “Once more. Tell me what I want to know, and you will survive.” They then start to talk, but it wasn’t what Quorvo and Shaun asked. Shaun cuts the rope. The other guy is hanging further over the edge. The two bandits are getting a rush from the vertigo, as they are hanging a few inches from the ledge, the chair begins to crack. They start to really freak out now. The one on the left confessed, “Okay, okay. There are only six other guards and ten sluts we captured in the ship. The ship is just a place we use as a brothel. Don’t kill me!” The other guy was about to speak but Quorvo and Shaun cut the ropes, sending the bandits to their deaths. 

       Quorvo and Shaun entered the hull of the ship. Shaun moved forward, took cover behind a cargo crate, he waved his hand sideways as Quorvo moved a bit further down the hallway. Shaun moved forward past Quorvo, and took cover laying down behind a bunch of damaged cables in a pil, then  signaled to Quorvo who took cover next to a door a bit past Shaun. They both heard footsteps. Quorvo pulled out his combat knife, someone walked out of the door, Quorvo grabbed him, covered the guy's mouth and slit his throat. Shaun helped Quorvo move the body to where the crates were, they stuffed the body inside of the crate. They then entered the stairwell. Quorvo signaled that there are two guys down at the bottom guarding the bay door. Shaun yells, “Bitch, stay still, stop fucking squirming! Damn it! Where is someone when you need help!” One of the guards decided to go upstairs to investigate. He walked upstairs, when he stepped out, he was grabbed by Shaun. They stripped him, and Quorvo snuck downstairs in the guys clothes. Shaun stabbed the guy in the neck, then stuffed him in the crate next to the other dead guy. Quorvo hid his face, as he approached the guard at the bay door, then looked at the guy in the eyes, smiled as he stabbed the guy in the neck. Quorvo dragged the guy under the stairs. Shaun came down, and they both entered the bay. One guy was patrolling the hallway. Quorvo stood at the door as he was staring down the hallway at the other guy facing away from them. Shaun entered the room as he took cover behind a set of crates. Quorvo slowly walked down the hallway, chugging on a bottle of rum he found in his pocket. Quorvo approached the guard, bumped into him. The guard turned around, and says, “What are you doing?” Quorvo says, “I am sorry.” As the guard looked at him and says, “Who are you?” Quorvo stabbed the guy in the eye. Two more guards ran out of their rooms. Shaun snuck behind one, Quorvo shot the other. Shaun slit the last one’s throat. They both freed the men, women, and children that were used as sex slaves. 

        The freed slaves followed Quorvo and Shaun back to where Shaun’s family were scavenging for things to sell or trade. The slaves were brought back to the different villages around the city ruins by the merchants' help. Beth and Sara walked up to Quorvo and Shaun, “I am sorry that we ran from the village. We were too scared to confront that old man, he is our father. So, we are going to stay here and see if we can reconnect with him. Our life was stripped from us. But, we don’t know how to thank you, for freeing us, and reuniting us with our father again.” They approached the man from before, tapped on his shoulder and said, “Father, it is us, your daughters, Beth and Sara.” He started to cry, he hugged them, and wasn’t aware that they were freed by Quorvo or Shaun. Quorvo, Shaun and his family were long gone from the area before anyone could notice. Lakisha asked, “Where did all those people you transported come from?” Shain replied, “They were just lost." and Quorvo finished with, "We wanted to help them find the villages. That is all we know.”

Part 4 USS Theodore Roosevelt

      Quorvo and Shaun are driving the vehicles up the ramp of a US Navy battleship. They then dock the cars in the cargo bay. The men exited their vehicles, Shaun asked, "I have a question, do you think we can actually operate this ship? Will it even run?" Quorvo went down to the engine bay of the ship, examined the engine and other components. Thirty minutes pass by, he says to Shaun, "Follow me." Exiting the battleship in the truck, the two men drive to each battleship as they are examining each engine and electronics. Driving down the port, they enter the maintenance section of an abandoned ship-mechanic's bay. With an enthusiastic tone Quorvo says "Yes, I can just use this ship instead. It is larger and it is in operational condition. I just need to conduct a few minor repairs on the USS Theodore Roosevelt and we can sail around the ocean for years on end. Oh, by the way, it seems to have a nuclear powered engine. I think I could repair some of the aircrafts on the flight deck too! I have studied flight mechanics and have explored and repaired some planes in the McCarran and Nellis airfields. There is an abandoned flight school and a lot of mechanical parts near and on both complexes. I have not flown a jet very far or as competently as I would have loved too. Flying an aircraft is extremely difficult and I have nearly passed out on several occasions. So, I resorted to small low mach speed planes. But, sailing on this ship would be a dream come true! We can even try to see if other parts of the planet are more stable than the US is! Maybe! Just maybe, we can find the rebel base or some people who are associated with them?" Quorvo smiles as they start up the Nimitz class carrier, and as the carrier passes the battleship Shaun's family stare in amazement at the sight. The family boarded the craft. 

      Six large yachts are surrounding a larger cargo ship as they swarm the Nimitz. Onboard of the flight deck, Shaun notices a few individuals ripping apart the aircrafts. He announces on the PA system, "We have been  boarded  by some bandits! They seem to be exploring the Westside area and  are damaging  parts of the ship for scraps to sell! Shit, they spotted my humvee! I am under attack! I'm engaging the intruders, I request backup!" Lakisha, William and Amelia are providing sniper support for Shaun, hitting each bandit tearing apart the copper wires from the jets as the fleet of enemy vessels approach ever closer! Shaun watched as the remaining two enemy intruders climbed down the side of the ship onto small speed boats. Shaun pulled out his rifle, and fired two shots, killing one of the intruders as the boy as the boats were leaving towards the fleet. The cargo ship rams hard into the Nimit. Over a thousand bandits jump from the cargo ship onto the Roosevelt as Shaun switched from the PA system to the intercommunications system, screaming on the comms system "We have too many intruders, for fuck sake, this shit is getting a bit ridiculous! I am under intense gunfire! I require heavy gun support! Amelia and William take over the 40mm cannons and Lakisha continue to provide sniper fire! Quorvo we are gonna need you to lock the wheel and get your ass out here!" Shaun hopped back inside the humvee. He drove to the vicinity where his wife was perched, at the air control tower of the aircraft carrier, took a kneeling firing position, firing at the enemy while taking cover behind the up-armored humvee as enemy forces lit up the area with rifle gunfire. Quorvo jerked the wheel hard to the left, ramming the Nimitz hard into the cargo ship, knocking off a few hundred of the bandits into the Pacific Ocean. The waves are so large they crush two of the yachts, as conex containers are crashing into the waters below. Quorvo locked the boat's steering wheel in place, he grabbed his rifle and ran out of the cockpit, he combat rolls to the left then takes a kneeling firing position as the enemy numbers dwindle down to a few hundred from the allied forces' onslaught of gunfire. The 40mm cannons split the majority of bandits to shredded piles of meat as the remaining yacht ships flee from the severely damaged cargo ship. Their group successfully killed the remaining intruders. After the battle, they cleaned up the gore from the ship. Then Quorvo and Shaun boarded the cargo ship, opening the doors of some of the conexes, Shaun says, "So it looks like we won't be starving for a long while." Amelia and her mother entered the fuselage of the ship, Lakisha ran up to the hull, "They have a hundred prisoners in cages in the ship's fuselage! Amelia is setting them free! What do we do with them?" Quorvo and Shaun followed Lakisha into the fuselage. Quorvo is wearing his pirate hat as he smiles, well we now have a decent crew to help with maintaining the Nimitz." Using the crane the freed prisoners, along with the group of their saviors load up as many of the containers of supplies onto the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The crew boarded the Nimitz and watched as the cargo ship began to sink into the ocean waters.   

     Quorvo and Shaun placed each new crew member into their own specific job role on the carrier. The two men along with Shaun's family smile as they take charge of their newly sworn subordinates. "The Nimitz won't fit through that canal Captain!" Said Jorge the Helmsman. Quorvo asked Shaun, "Should we blow up the canal? How can we get through? I bet the railgun cannon and that plasma cannon can easily carve a wider opening!" Shaun moans, "Well I am the Vice Captain, so I guess my opinion matters here right?" Quorvo replies, "What? What? Is it a bad idea?" Shaun moans again, "Ridiculous, and insane is more like it!" He walked away as Quorvo commanded, "You heard him! We can't blow up the canal so we have no other choice but to go around!" A fleet of ships arrived at the rear of the Roosevelt. A PA system can be heard, "Hold! Don't move any further or we will be forced to fire our cannons at your carrier! You are in unauthorized waters! This territory belongs to the Salt Lake Mercenaries! State your business or be destroyed!" Jorge requests, "Captain, what should I do?" Quorvo grabbed the comms, "Are you fucking mentally deficient? Is there any common sens e inside of your little fucking heads, I can just run your asses over, I don't need to be threatened by a bunch of morons while I am having a damn dilemma right now! Can you please get the fuck out of our way or I will have to evaporate your retarded asses right here and now!" Qurvo commands his cockpit gunners, "Fire a warning shot with the plasma cannons! Aim for those city towers in the distance." The gunners fired the cannons at the nearest ruins, the flash of the impact arrived lighting the sky with a whitish-blue light before the earth shattering shockwave rocked the mercenaries' ships as the super sonic boom was shattering the windows of their vessels. The vessels made a U-turn as the canal began to widen enough to let the Nimitz pass through, he thought to himself, "Wait, they can make it wider? They obviously have been making improvements on the canal over the years."  He then grabbed the radio and said to them over the PA system, "Thank you, now we mean you all no harm, especially since this is all we really were wanting! Now have a good day assholes!" 

    Jorge was driving as slow as he could to get the Nimitz through the canal as the mercenaries started to reverse the direction of the canal walls, closing the walls on the Nimitz carrier, pinning it in place. The mercenaries are ambushing the ship from every direction as the 40mm cannons fire throughout the USS Roosevelt and  the enemy providing equivalent cannon fire from the canal bases on both sides. Lakisha ran down the ship hull yelling, "Take out the enemy cannons to the North! Enemy tanks incoming from the South! Man the Helicopters and Jets! Take flight as Quorvo has taught you all! Time to see your training in actual battle! Let's conquer these idiots!" The mercenary commander watched the aerial vehicles take flight as he spoke to his commanding officers, "Wow, they not only took a nuclear powered military super carrier but these fuckers actually have people trained in aerial combat! We might not stand a chance, I have to report this to headquarters in Salt Lake. We still should capture the ship! They don't outnumber our forces, and I doubt they can competently fly and fight a long drawn out battle! So, have your troops maintain the ground!" Commander Gregg commanded his RTO to relay commands, "Third platoon, we need you to move to the East of the Nimitz. Have alpha squad move Southeast, bravo squad launch mortars at these coordinates sent to your devices. Charlie will move Northwest and the delta squad will provide suppressive fire support!" The battle waged on as the Nimitz sustained minimal damage from the battle. Shaun scratched his head, "I think they want to steal our ship? They are trying their best not to cause severe damage but maintaining the cannon fire at the edges of the ship and the aerial vehicles. It's like they are aiming for a pincher play and keep us surrounded by their forces. They have that advantage, and we won't be able to maintain our position long enough. Quorvo, do it!" Quorvo smiles, "Emily, Chirs, command the plasma gunners to fire and have the automatic 40mm gauss chainguns focused on the walls of the canal! Blow up the walls! We are leaving! Jorge, full throttle! Tracy, have your ground forces launch AT4 rockets and MK19 rounds in the direction of the ambushing forces! Robert, have the aerial vehicles maintain air superiority while following behind us as we escape from the enemy dipshits! They won't last much longer!" The mercenary commander watched as his men were being shredded down and blown to pieces, the plasma cannons charged up to full power as the gunners released the triggers, from the front of the Nimitz two giant balls of fire melted the canal walls freeing the USS Theodore Roosevelt from the canal walls, the enemy forces fell into the boiling waters below. The commander yells, "Retreat, that vessel has been modified for combating the invading extraterrestrial overlords! It has all of the most advanced technology aboard, whoever is their commander actually knows how to lead his forces. We underestimated them but this information is valuable for the rebel military and our leadership at the Salt Lake headquarters. Withdraw our forces and have the commanding officers write up an After Action Report." 


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