I Can Never Vote For Trump (Or any political party ever)

                                  Plutocrats  Run Gover nment --      Politicians are aggravating and Plutocrats are the real government officials. Left, right, up, down. It is all the same BS sold in different packages. Do you have any idea about historical societies? Seriously! There is no such thing as a benevolent government. All the wealthy want you to raise the taxes, and be disarmed. The rich, almost every wealthy person votes for the same ideological views as the left. Barely any vote, nor ever have voted (barely anyone) for the right. Seriously! Turn your TV on, watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Vox, etc. Almost every billionaire, millionaire, Corporate Executive, News reporter, actor,  actress, musician, teacher, professor, Joe and Jane blow, vote for the left party's ideological views. I am not a conservative or Liberal. I am against ideologues period. Republicans piss me off, Democrats piss me off.         The  things that Plutocrats and Politicians won't tell you, and only ev

From One Hell To Another

From One Hell To Another

By Vincent Fitch

Don't blame the unborn
It's not their fault to be mourn
Unnecessary loss of preciousness
All because of parental superciliousness
Born into a family of insalubrity
Child of burdens trapped unknowingly
Bring hell to the innocent progeny
Burn the young down to misery

Oh, how the pseudo older people torture the little one
Demonization and tormenting for their own fun
A child who is trying to find the sun
No lights shine on the little face
No glimmer of hope or grace
Tears fall into the puddle of sorrowful days
Always alone by themself, no one else plays

Growing so fast, for pain is too
Always in trouble, don't know what to do
Young one is the scapegoat for other troublemakers
A soul kneaded like dough as if by invidious bakers
The pseudo good kids, are but smiling fakers
Project their torment onto their opposition
To maintain superiority and perception

Abused by relatives and comrades alike
Painful anxiety, anger, social dislike
Becoming too addicted to new forms of hell
Hearing the same sounding bell
Chasing for something but stuck down hell’s well
Will one of these days be truly swell?
Only time can tell!

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