Quotes That I Live By

Quotes That I Live By ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1) “There are no secrets, but the truth is buried under a Sea of Lies. You just need to know where to look” ______________________________________________________ 2) “It's not about who you are during the first impression, it's about who you were when you are no longer around.” ______________________________________________________ 3) “Just realize that the average person is dumb, and that half of them are even dumber” ______________________________________________________ 4) “Doing something that you're passionate about doesn't feel like a job, but part of who you are” ______________________________________________________ 5) “Curiosity should be handled  with prudence, but Ignorance is more dangerous than Curiosity”. ______________________________________________________ 6) “A happy life is one filled wit

A Portrait Of Romance

A Portrait Of Romance

By Vincent Fitch

Sailing through life’s treacherous seas
Wind blowing with a ferocious breeze
Life is filled with fallen trees
Stand up for what one believes
 Blinded by self doubts covered in a haze
Traverse through the difficult maze

Love is in the heart
Passion is in one’s goal
Reflection of the inner soul
Wandering around naked and hopeful
The fear takes form as burdensome obstacles
Pain, overtakes the ground one travels
Romantic portrait of life’s battles
Striving for future romance
Tripping over failure at every chance
Staring through the portrait of romance
Bleeding from the open heart
Feeling where love would start

Fighting, dying, aiming for the romantic art
Love, passion, and perseverance
Soul is open for the portrait of romance
Here I break from my burden
Holding on to the image of the vixen
Foxy lady, with her romantic encounter
Alpha wolf, with his love for her
Different from one another
But fate screams love knows no bounds
For the heart of true love is held by no grounds

Fill the soul with dreams and ambitions
Fight for the heart's passions
Head held high through the night
Following the guiding star's light
For one's goal is within sight

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