Quotes That I Live By

Quotes That I Live By ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1) “There are no secrets, but the truth is buried under a Sea of Lies. You just need to know where to look” ______________________________________________________ 2) “It's not about who you are during the first impression, it's about who you were when you are no longer around.” ______________________________________________________ 3) “Just realize that the average person is dumb, and that half of them are even dumber” ______________________________________________________ 4) “Doing something that you're passionate about doesn't feel like a job, but part of who you are” ______________________________________________________ 5) “Curiosity should be handled  with prudence, but Ignorance is more dangerous than Curiosity”. ______________________________________________________ 6) “A happy life is one filled wit

A New Dawn

A New Dawn
By Vincent Fitch

I am done being a friend to those who pretend to be kind
I am trapped in the middle of the night
Persevere through the dusk horizon
I am searching for my new dawn
Being  me is too much pressure
Living in a world of misunderstandings

I am done with opening my heart
I will find the right path out
Dawn is where I want to be
I am searching for the horizon
Fighting, struggling, suffering
Bring forth the inevitable ending
Dusk darkness guiding

Every day and night stands out as a different painful memory
Everyone I encounter seems to be a vessel filled with misery
Time keeps getting very close to strife
One day I will probably take my own life
Persevere through the obstacles that lie ahead
Avoiding the societal zombies that I dread

Through the darkness past a new dawn
Through the obstacles lies the sun
Believe in your future ambitions
Ignoring the pessimistic tensions
I am done being the doormat
I am done being the caged rat

Soon I will be free
So let me be
Leave me alone
I am not anybody's drone
A new rising dawn

To start a new journey
I am going to end the old me
I will be able to finally see
The goals in front clearly
Then enjoy my new life, hopefully
This will be the end of the misery

Given this new opportunity
I will overcome the cruelty
Of everyone in society

I am done
I am done
The new sun
Brighter new Dawn

With my old perception of the past sun
As the old disappears as a fading horizon
Dusk symbolizes that it's time to start a new one
As I head off towards this new dawn


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