Quotes That I Live By

Quotes That I Live By ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 1) “There are no secrets, but the truth is buried under a Sea of Lies. You just need to know where to look” ______________________________________________________ 2) “It's not about who you are during the first impression, it's about who you were when you are no longer around.” ______________________________________________________ 3) “Just realize that the average person is dumb, and that half of them are even dumber” ______________________________________________________ 4) “Doing something that you're passionate about doesn't feel like a job, but part of who you are” ______________________________________________________ 5) “Curiosity should be handled  with prudence, but Ignorance is more dangerous than Curiosity”. ______________________________________________________ 6) “A happy life is one filled wit

Blood Lit Skies - Vanguards Of Liberty

 Chapter 1 Path Is Fogged

Part 1 Generational Servitude

     Dust blows through the air outside of a massive construction site as several unfinished towers stand tall, hammers clanking and clanging as steel the beams rise up and set in place by Humans. A young lady carrying a thin lightweight steel support beam, trailing behind has sparks fly through the air. The guard walks up to her kicks her in the stomach, "Stupid Human, pick up the pace!" Kicks her again, stomping on her hands, spits on her face, and picks her up from her unitard, "Pick yourself up, stop dragging the support beam, and get back to work!" Tears rolling down her cheeks, she smiles as she lifts up the beam, and carries it down to the floor below. She walks over to the wall, places it firm in its position. She reaches for her nails, grabs her hammer, and pounds the support beam in place. A guard walks up to an old man, he yells at him, "What are you doing! Who said you can rest stupid lowly rat!" The guard retracts his blood soaked boot from the old man's chin. "Looks like I made you eat your own cheek! Good, then you won't need that much food later today." The old man struggles, his arms shaking as he pushes himself up. The guard grabs him by his uniform, lifts the old man up, and punches him in the stomach. The old man coughs up blood, his eyes begin to close. The guard unlocks the chains, throws the old man off of the third story, his body crashes into the ground below. The guard turns around, "What! Do you all want me to throw you off the tower next? I will, if you don't get back to work!" The guards grab their tasers, whips and begin to torture the slaves. "Work faster, move! Pick up the pace!" A guard kicks the young lady, blood flies out her mouth, her arms trembling as she drops to the ground. She closes her eyes and thinks to herself, "I just don't know if I will be able to survive this. I am only eighteen years old, but I really want to die. Life here is too much. I just want to know what it's like beyond this construction site. Why was I born here? Is my purpose just to be a servant of the Overlords? I don't have any reason to live. They won't let me die." She looks over the ledge, stares at the ground below, "I can see the old man, he was a nice guy. Must be peaceful to rest forever." The lady begins to roll over, her body dangling from the edge, she rolls off, but the chains catch her as the others hold on to the supporting structures. The guards pull her up, "You are not ready to die. Only the weak and rebellious die. We decide who lives and dies on our watch! You have no permission to die! Now get back to work!" She placed her hand on a gash across her left cheek, the guard pulled out their taser, lit a piece of wood on fire, and burned the wound shut. She stands up, smiles, and walks to the wall, then proceeds to help construct the tower.

    At another tower down the street, a group of slaves working in unison, were hammering the building structures. The guards were bragging to each other, one guard said, "I slit the last slaves throat, but not enough to kill them, just enough to watch the clear tears turn into blood running down their neck." The second guard replies, "That isn't shit, I made a slave swallow a dead bird, then as they were throwing up, I made them eat it! That was hilarious!" The third says, "You guys are stupid, all you did is humiliate them. They were only temporarily tortured. I like to just taser them, kick them in the gut, and cut up their faces. A friend of mine throws rocks at a kid he controls. I like stuff like that. I tossed a boulder on a slave's hand, crippled it for a few days, giving me an excuse to beat the crap out of them everyday." The first one yells, "Shut the fuck up! You are the idiot. I do shit like that too! You two are just trying to make yourself feel and appear better than me! You ain't shit! You two should just die, and do me a favor!" The bickering of the guards resonates throughout the labor camp. Their arguments can resonated from a few towers away. A few of the other guards asked, "Can some of you guys, go shut those idiots up? They are starting to piss off the rest of the guards!” While the guards were fighting over which one is the best, a few of the other guards approached the three of them, the guards shot the three idiots in the head, their bodies fell from the sixth floor, crushing two more guards below. The slaves watched as the travesty took place. The guards scream, "Get back to work on the tower structures! No one told you to stop!" The guards went back to patrolling and torturing the slaves.

   A sixteen-year-old boy is hauling away rubble piles in a wheelbarrow, a rock strikes his forehead, he falls to the ground crying from the pain. The guards laugh, one of them walks over, kicks the boy in the stomach, the other grabs him by the hair, "Stand up, no one told you to stop working! Get moving!" The boy grabs the wheelbarrow, pushes it a few feet, two rocks impact his arm, and shoulder, blood runs down his arm. His mind stays focused on the task, a guard grabs another rock, chucks it, knocking the boy on to the ground. "This is great, look at you crying like a coward! Get your little useless ass up! Stop crying and get back to work!" The boy stands up, and pushes the wheelbarrow again. The two guards walk behind the boy, one of them kicks the boy behind the knee, the boy's chin falls onto the wheelbarrow, blood drips from under his chin. He tries to move the wheelbarrow, as he was pushing a rock flew past the other guard hitting the boy in the hand, he grabs his hand with his other one, covering the gash. The guards laugh, "Lowly scum. You Humans are pathetic, the only thing that you are good for, is servitude, and dying. So work, or die! I don't care which one! I enjoy both! Stop your pouting and finish the job!" The boy stands up once more pushing the wheelbarrow, rocks continue to fly towards him, as he ignores the assaults, the pain dissipates into numbness. His eyes stare straight ahead as the rocks continue to bombard his legs, arms, and head. His body is dripping wet of blood and sweat. The boy pushed through the attacks by the guards and successfully got the wheelbarrow to the place he was supposed to dump the rubble piles out at. Their assault lost its effect on the boy, the guards began to become pissed off, "This little shit is enduring the torture and completing the work he was forced to do! Why can't he just die already!" The synthetic beings approached the boy, one of them knocked him out cold. An explosion sets off a few towers down. A group of rebel soldiers storm the labor camp. Gunfire lights up the air, bullets piercing through Synthetic guards, fireballs burning through the swarms of Synthetic guards. The fighting continues drawing the attention of the guards that are next to the boy. He wakes up, grabs a shovel, hits the guards into the fire pit, and watches as the guards are being burnt alive. A rebel soldier grabs the boy on the shoulder, "Hey, kid! We are here to rescue you! Come on! Can you hear me? Kid! Kid! Are you deaf?" They grabbed him by the hand, and escorted a handful of slaves out of the labor camp. While the former slaves lie in the underground society's hospital beds, now more than ever are aware that they are no longer slaves.

Part 2 Scavenger Exploration    

      In the year of 2083 A.D, forty-seven years after "The Great War." A vehicle kicks up dust, wheels splash in a puddle. Quorvo stood up, coughs as dust falls from his body, "What the fuck was that? Where am I, oh that's right. I had to crawl out of my house. The village seems to have also been destroyed. Oh, well. I guess I have no choice but to leave." He yawns slowly, then extends his arms with a good stretch. Quorvo walked down the road kicking a soccer ball, and throwing a football, "Oh, look a pirate hat." He runs to the rubble pile, splashing blood puddles like water, climbs up the side of a collapsed wall, placing his hands on the top of the wall, and his foot on the mid-section of the wall. He lifts himself up with a few grunts, places his feet so as to perch himself on the ledge of the wall. He then steps onto a fallen staircase, then he pushes away objects in front of his path. Quorvo grabbed a wrench and a paper bag, "Yuck, smells rotten!" then throws it. He picked up a long pipe, and started bashing another wall that's blocking the way to the hat, the drywall, and boards crashed to the ground. He climbs up onto another staircase, he walks up to the top floor, then walks across the hall and enters the bathroom. Quorvo notices that the toilet is still intact, he pulls down his pants, sits down on the toilet seat, then grabs a blood soaked comic book. He finished taking a dump in the toilet, then looked around for the toilet paper. He spots a human hand sticking out of the shower, holding the toilet paper roll. Quorvo shook the dead woman's hand, "Thank you miss, oh good, no blood on it." The toilet flushed, he stands up, walked to the sink, turned the handle, making the broken faucet spray water, but as he is cleansing his face, another vehicle raced past the area Quorvo was at, it crashed straight through the house, Quorvo falls to the ground safely, "The fuck just happened? The Overlord's seems to be the cause for the village being destroyed? Why are they still sending soldiers here? The fuck is wrong with them! I was trying to get washed up! Stupid assholes. Now I have blood on my favorite shirt. Oh look, someone has a nice set of clothes and leather jacket in their closet. Guess they won't be needing this anymore." Quorvo walked outside, picked up a water gun with bloody water in the chamber, then squirted the bloody water on the ground spelling the words, “GFYS Overlords”. Quorvo threw the toy gun at a brick wall, pieces fly in different directions. Quorvo spots the pirate hat that blew away by the jerks who drove through the house. Quorvo dusts it off by hitting it on his hip and sweeping the hat with his hand. He spots a wolf ring on a severed hand, yanks the ring off, examines the platinum ring shaped like a wolf with two sapphire eyes, and diamonds embedded in the circular part of the ring. He puts it on, then continues to loot and plunder the rubble piles. 

      Quorvo finds a motorcycle that appears to be in good condition. Quorvo thinks to himself, “I know that I should be able to find the keys to a working vehicle!” Digging through Human remains, tossing arms, legs, bloody pants and dresses. Searching tirelessly through the pockets, trying to find the keys. As he was digging through the pockets he discovered a couple odd humanoid objects in the distance. He ignores the distant figures and finally located the right keys to the motorcycle. As the distant figures approach within a mile from Quorvo's location, Quorvo starts the motorcycle’s ignition, disengages the clutch while shifting to first gear, then rides toward the South. After Quorvo disappears from the odd looking humanoid figures' line of sight, they are teleported into the closest proximity of Quorvo's location. Though never catching up with him, while teleporting repeatedly to catch up, the odd looking humanoid objects began running into issues with their internal mechanical parts, slowing their pursuit, letting Quorvo disappear further from them. The odd humanoids had to be teleported into the SCB Laboratory Warehouse for repairs.       

      Quorvo's motorcycle ran out of fuel and he had to leave it far behind him. He was still wearing the wolf ring and the pirate hat. He explores Las Vegas Nevada’s severely damaged casino structures. He entered the severely damaged Luxor casino. Walking around the ruins aimlessly, yawns, sits down on the ground, eyes beginning to get heavy. He stands up, goes to the hotel lobby of the Luxor casino, hopped over the counter, and looks through the area for things to scavenge. Quorvo opened the door behind him, leading into an office. He saw a bottle of “Johnnie Walker Blue.” The seal on the bottle was not broken and the bottle was in excellent condition. "Yes, I have to get a taste of that aged liquor! The floor is collapsed, a stupid sinkhole, how the hell am I supposed to get around to the bottle? The hole is too deep, I can't see the bottom of the hole! The sides are crumbling and unstable, too many objects in my way. God damnit, I just want to get that bottle! I am getting too tired. I need to… get some sleep." He leaves the area, grabs a keycard from a dead body, puts it into his pocket. "I have a good idea, I am actually quite a bit bored." Quorvo picked up a couple of dead people, placed several of the dead people around a poker table, and stood at the dealer side of the table. Lastly, he deals out the cards to each one. He then started to play Texas Holdem with the deceased tourists. Quorvo starts to talk to the dead people, "Sally, how have you been doing today? You seem a bit tipsy? Do you need me to assist you?" “Hank, are you still having marital issues? Stay the night and I can hook you up with a few escorts." He paused as he flipped the cards over, “Bob you are the first to place your bets. Bob folded his cards, next up is Sally. Sally puts in a hundred on her hand, then Hank calls it and places a hundred also." Quorvo enthusiastically says, "OK here is the flop. So, is Bob going to check or is he going to bet this time? Bob is going to bet on his hand and the flop for 250. Next is Sally and she calls it and raised it to 500. Next Hank is up. What is Hank going to do next? Is he going to fold, call or raise? Well folks it seems like Hank is all in Sally's boobs now. Someone been drinking too much alcohol. Well now Sally's hand is on Bobs groin.” Quorvo stands up and starts to get them sitting back into a position for continuing the poker game. While Quorvo was trying to reposition the poker players, Sally's teeth fell on the table. Hank's head falls off and Bob is infested with bugs inside of his body. Quorvo's response from this went as, “Well folks due to unsanitary conditions and a loss of a head, we will have to call the game and say goodbye.” Quorvo heads up the stairs, looks for the room that the keycard is for. He finds the hotel room, entered inside, takes his shoes off, goes into the bathroom, takes a nice warm shower. He says to himself, "Good thing Las Vegas Nevada’s energy runs on hydroelectric from the Hoover Dam. Though there are no workers maintaining the place, it is still able to produce the necessary electric energy to run the metropolitan area. The Dam will be able to stay operational for a very long time, until the water and weather finally erudes the cement structure." Quorvo scrolls through the DVR saved TV shows. He watched them for hours on end, after the shows were finished, he passed out on the bed, sleeping peacefully. 

 Part 3 

The Great War 

    In the year 2056, near Jupiter, a dark distorted figure moves towards the asteroid belt, a small space shuttle appears, swiftly maneuvering away from the dark void. It rushes to Earth, flies through the air, cutting the clouds as it descends. The shuttle flies past a jet airliner, the plane swerves to the left. A few hours have passed by, a group of beings dressed in aberrant looking outfits are sitting on a bench behind the United States ambassador. The spectators talk amongst each other, “These kids look like troublemakers." "Punk rockers." "They look like hooligans." "They are supposed to be from space, but I don't believe that it's true." "They are just pranksters. I can't look at them and take them seriously." "Their hair, eyes, and outfits resemble that of rebellious teenagers." As the ambassador is continuing to speak as she is approached by the magenta eyed female who requests, “I am sorry for being rude and interrupting your speech, but I think that I should have informed you that we don't have much time left. I would like to read the letter from my planet's President if you don't mind me asking?” The Ambassador responds, “Yes, I am sorry for taking so long to finish my lecture on the growing tensions between our planet's countries. Here I will let you speak to the other country’s representatives. Again, I am sorry for being inhospitable, thanks for coming all the way to our planet Earth and I hope that we will begin a beautiful friendship between our two planets!” The violet eyed male guest pulls out a paper and states, “I will like to read this document from our planet's leadership!” He paused and continued to read more, “Dear inhabitants and representatives of the diverse countries across this planet Earth. Thank you for your considerate and hospitable actions towards my constituents. My ambassadors representing our homeworld are some of the most beautiful things that I picked out of the uglier ones. I admire your societal culture and planet Earth’s intriguing history. You have the most beautiful towers and monuments. I have never had the pleasure of seeing such ingenuity. This is a very glorious day for celebration. Don't worry we aren't going to stick probes up your butt holes. Nor do we plan on creating hybrids, yet. I got to admit that you do have some very beautiful females, probing may be necessary, I mean information probing, not shoving objects up your butts, maybe. I want to thank you all for your time that was taken out of your busy schedules. I understand that managing an entire country and planet politics is one of the most difficult jobs. Thank you very much!" Applause from the whole room and tears rolling down the eyes of the ambassadors. Then, the violet eyed guest sits down, and the magenta eyed female guest stands up and hovers over the podium. She then pulled out a paper and said, “Excuse me, I have another letter from my President of our empire. I will read it for you all to hear his declaration!” The crowd looking at each other and a lot of rambling towards each other filled out the room for a few seconds. The female guest exclaimed, “I am sorry for interrupting your gossip but I really need to finish up the last of the speech please!” The crowd shuts up and says, “Please continue with the process, we are sorry.” The magenta eyed girl continued to read, “By my right as galactic ruler of this quadrant of this galaxy, I hereby declare that this Solar System and everything that is or from this Solar System is now under the authority of my Empire. Any resistance will be dealt with swiftly. Thank you for letting my representatives come to your planet's leadership!” He signed at the bottom of the letter with, “Much Appreciated, President Zey Drah III” He had something else on the note located near the bottom corners of the document, there was a smiley face and thumbs up stickers. She left the letter on the podium, the three guests walked out of the room. 

      The President of The United States of America sits down, places the letter the guests left behind on the conference table in the Pentagon. The CIA director speaks up, "We were previously contacted by some scientists." He continues, "Their report read as follows." "We first had issues with some of our research satellites in certain areas of the Solar System’s asteroid belt and around Neptune, we have a video of some strange transparent looking anomalies. Through our scientific understanding, we have located these same transparent looking vessels. Well, we suggest that they are probably not transparent per se, but most likely able to warp the fabric of space/time around the spaceships creating a gravitational lensing effect. This fact will allow for the explanation of why nothing we have is capable of detecting them. Here's the photos of the crafts with the coordinates for their specific location. Nothing more follows.” The Commander in charge of the room slapped his hand hard on the Situational Report resting on the table, “This is not a good report from NASA and the other countries. Considering that the guests gave us an ultimatum and now we have to find out how to maintain our planet's independence from these invaders!” He gives the report to his executive officer who then hands it to the President.

       A man in a uniform with the name tag, "Pai Drix" stares at the shining blue planet. He received a report from his underling, "Sir, we have parked the Flagship in tidel lock position. The soldiers are ready for your command." He paused for a few minutes, "Wait, Sir we just got word that the leaders of the planet had launched their nuclear weapons and are aiming for our location." Pai Drix grins, "Ha, they always attack." Missiles are flying around like a swarm of bees, charging in to sting what it's chasing. The roar of the rockets and the bright red glow from the nuclear detonation on the Mothership made the sky appear to be burning in the colors of yellow, orange and red. The radiation caused contamination to the layers of the planet’s Ionosphere. The war breaks out and the invaders begin the assault, easily slaughtering Earth’s military might with little to no damages or loss. The invaders are ordered to capture the survivors and destroy all of the Earthlings' cities and architectures. The invaders round up as many of the surviving Earthlings. Only a few hundred million survivors of the war successfully escaped by taking refuge underground, where they built a global resistance force, of every prior nationality. On Earth, the ones that were not able to get away from the invaders, either were killed off, formed villages on the outskirts of the city ruins, or forced into generational servitude.


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